For membership: Apply and submit audition materials by May 1, 11:59 PM ET. Though materials received after this time may be considered, they may not be evaluated before initial membership offers are made. If there is space remaining after the first round of offers, late applications may or may not lead to membership this Fall.

Before Preparing Video(s)

Before preparing or shooting your video, please review these important details that apply to all components of the video audition.

Important video details

Video audition instructions

  1. Prepare your audition video(s).

    Music component

    Visual component


  2. Apply for Redcoat Band membership. You will need your link to your audition video(s) and the email address of a reference (e.g., band director, private teacher) so we can request a recommendation from them. The application takes about ten minutes to complete. If the above link does not work, use

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I audition on flute or piccolo? Mellophone or horn? Sousaphone or Concert Tuba?

We encourage all students to audition on the same instrument they use to prepare the material. Flutists are very strongly encouraged to prepare and audition on piccolo. Students auditioning for mellophone may audition on F mellophone or horn. Sousaphone auditions may be performed on any tuba.

Does the university provide instruments?

It depends. In some sections (e.g., Sousaphone, percussion), all instruments are provided by the university. In some other sections (e.g., saxophone, trombone), students may use a university-owned instrument or they may provide their own silver instrument. The band does not provide clarinets.

May I audition on multiple instruments?

****If you have extensive performing experience on multiple instruments, you are welcome to audition on each. But you should be well prepared on each instrument.

What if my school doesn’t have a marching band or I have never been in one?

No problem. Every year, we have members who have never been in marching band before. Some eventually fill our leadership positions. You’ll have a little catching-up to do. But this is more common than you might think.

Can you recommend any audition etudes?