Detailed Video Instructions

For the Music component:

  1. Introduce yourself, and spell your last name. Identify the five chromatically adjacent major scales you are going to play. For transposing instruments, specify if you are telling us the concert or transposed pitch.

  2. Perform the selected major scales.

  3. Perform chromatic scale.

  4. Introduce your technical etude, including printed title and/or other identifying information.

  5. Perform your technical etude. Then briefly (just a few seconds) tell us what you thought you did well and what you thought you did poorly*.

  6. Introduce your lyrical etude, including printed title and any other identifying information.

  7. Perform your lyrical etude. Then tell us what you thought you did well and poorly*.

    <aside> 📌 *Don’t blow this off, but don’t script it in advance either! We know you’re not going to play perfectly (we certainly don’t). Verbally evaluating your own performance gives us insight into your musical standards and self-awareness. Those are really important in every member of a band this big. You can make up for substantial musical shortcomings with a confident, insightful, and honest self-evaluation.